IMGA0012The most notable outcome resulting from the delivery of Enterprise Education/Soft Skills Training Programmes in schools is the true appreciation and approval of content and delivery by both students and school staff alike. Staff are clearly able to see the true benefits of the Programmes, visualising a marked improvement in the all-round capabilities of the pupil, whilst allowing certain pupils to excel in areas which they would not have done in curriculum-led teaching.

Our Soft-Skills Enterprise Education Programmes enhance individual emotional intelligence, embedding collaborative teambuilding skills as its core. Leadership skills, public speaking (communication), time management and organisational capabilities are but a few of the plethora of skills which pupils are able to develop during our Programmes. We provide a unique learning environment and develop a focused atmosphere, creating motivated, goal-orientated learners, willing to embrace all forms of cross-curricular activities. Removing barriers between individuals and creating greater inclusion and diverse learning within a unique environment is a core factor in our approach. Secondary skills, ranging from ICT and the application of different types of media, to Design and Technology, to Economic and Business Understanding are all developed through our unique approach, adding to the all-round student experience.

Our range of Programmes have been specifically designed to match multiple criteria including Croydon 2020 Vision for young, Enterprising Learners, Every Child Matters Learning Outcomes, Enterprise and Citizenship-related school curriculums, as well as supporting various subjects in our bespoke approach to certain Programmes.