IMGA0005Our flagship 3-day course, the “School-Ship Enterprise Development Programme” offers the chance for students to grasp and develop core skills, such as teamwork, leadership and public speaking; through what we like to call a “design-led business game”. The SSE Development Programme is supported and sponsored by The Whitgift Foundation.

Our One-Day Teambuilding Activity Course caters for even the largest pupil groups, providing an excellent foundation and group of activities, specifically designed to stimulate leadership and teamwork.

A unique two-day Programme focusing on marketing and marketing techniques is offered to school pupils of a slightly older age range. Various elements of the discipline are covered, allowing pupils to truly express themselves, whilst developing a key learning base and core set of skills which can be utilised in all aspects of schooling and later life.

Drawing upon vast amounts of experience held within our Education team, Entreisa Education are also able to design and implement a bespoke Enterprise Education or soft- skills course for school pupils of differing levels, to suit the requirements of the individual school. Activities may range from group marketing exercises to initiative activities outdoors; dependent on Programme focus, pupil numbers and potential time constraints/ extensions.