IMG_0568Our flagship course, the “School-Ship Enterprise Development Programme” offers the chance for students to grasp and develop many core skills such as teamwork, leadership and public speaking through what we like to call a design-led business game. This three-day long scheme is run as an in- school competition, with various prizes awarded at the end of the course; and is sponsored by The Whitgift Foundation with support from local authorities.

During the course, pupils create their very own “company”, company name and logo. Within their individual companies, they have to design, in full detail, a product based on a specific theme. They have to complete a marketing task, usually to create an appealing advertising poster for their product, and perhaps create a short TV Commercial to advertise their new creation. The pupilsʼ final task is to present their ideas to judges.

Pupils also take part in leadership activities, encouraging them to take control of a team, and discuss possible strategies with fellow pupils. They also receive various interactive presentations on marketing techniques, enabling pupils to understand better the reasons for advertising posters, and teaching pupils of ways to create an appealing advertisement. Before company presentations, pupils are given an interactive talk to improve confidence, tone and posture; and to practice what they have learnt in front of their peers.

Each pupil involved in the course will be given a Programme Handbook with instructions, hints and tips. Part of the handbook also contains a mini-diary; pupils are encouraged to write, at the end of each activity, what they did and what they learnt. This handbook can therefore be used both at school or at home, and can be used to track personal development.

For more information on the course, or to view any references, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Entreisa Education team on the contact details provided.